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What is a SSL Certificate State?

SSL Certificates have been very popular these days. Because of the many website owners that had used SSL Certificates to protect their websites, many people are now aware of what SSL Certificates are and their uses. But, many people might ask, ’what is a SSL Certificate State?’

Because not many people are aware of how SSL Certificates actually work, many Internet users do not know what SSL Certificate State is. Here is a brief description of what it is and it does to a website.

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SSL Certificate State

A certificate state is the credentials that are being stored on your computer’s cache during a visit or transaction with a website that you are browsing. This enables the computer to be able to have an easier connection to a certain website the second time the website with an SSL Certificate has been visited.

An SSL Certificate will be stored on your computer’s cache until you have restarted your computer. This means that as long as you use your computer and does not shut it down, the credentials stored in the cache is still there; making it possible for the SSL program to access the website more easily.

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  • Clearing SSL Certificate State

If you want to clear the SSL Certificate State on your computer, you only have to do these quick and simple steps.

    • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, open that browser.
    • On the ‘Tools’ tab, click the ‘Internet Options’ tab on the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the ‘Internet Content’ tab on the Internet Options window.
    • Hit the ‘Clear SSL State’ button.
    • Press ‘OK’ and just close the window.

When you do this, you won’t have to restart your computer when you want to remove the SSL Certificate State. This will save you time especially if you are doing something important and are unable to take time just to shut down your computer and turn it on again.

  • Why Clear SSL Certificate State

There are websites that will require you to clear your SSL Certificate State to be able to visit and browse them. This is not harmful and only takes just a couple of minutes so if you think that you should clear the State, you can do so whenever you want.

You will still be protected by the SSL Certificate from the website that you will visit again even if you have cleared the SSL Certificate State so you do not have to worry about performing this simple procedure. You can download the SSL Certificate on your browser again to be able to be protected from third party attacks.

Using an SSL Certificate is quite important. Because it protects the website and Internet users, they are very much needed by every website. but because many PKI-enabled websites expire when the session times out, many Internet users are unable to continue with their session when they need to/ but with the help of clearing SSL Certificate State, they can continue their session without closing the tabs, browser or even the computer.


What is a SSL Certificate State| Clearing SSL Certificate State

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